Welcome to our Lap the Map Virtual Event 17th November 2019

What does this mean? It means that we are challenging all our members, members families, friends and neighbours both here on the Gold Coast and those elsewhere in Australia and overseas to participate in the Lap the Map for diabetes awareness.

How do you do this? This is where the challenge comes in – we are asking you push yourself a little further on the day – take an extra walk, run, swim or cycle, go a little further than normal or for those of us not so active push yourself to do something on the day – even if just walk across to the neighbours. Don’t do more than you can, just a bit more than you have been.

How do your register that you are doing this?

Send us an email lionsgctalle@gmail.com  letting us know you have set yourself a challenge and take a picture of yourself undertaking your challenge send it to us. We will collate a series of photos showing participants achievements. Also put it on your facebook share with Lions Club of Gold Coast Tallebudgera and let your family and friends know. Encourage them to join in.

Why are we doing this? To create awareness of the issue of diabetes, to encourage everyone to look at ways to keep healthy. Some important facts are listed below.

What else can you do?

Spread the word – send this to your family, friends – post it on your facebook page – as the more the merrier.

Donate some funds – it would be great if everyone who participated could donate at least $2 – as anything raised will be going to the Lions Medical Research Foundation for Diabetes research funding. For more information on this check out their webpage here.

If you can donate – just click below:


Have Fun - everyone have a great day.

With thanks for your participation.